Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Prom Coronation

Coronation is one of the most exciting parts of Prom. Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning your Prom coronation.

  1. Form your committee – get a group of students and teachers to be part of your committee and responsible for planning coronation.
  2. Decide when, where and how nominations take place. Pick some places in your school that get a lot of traffic and set up boxes, paper and pens with your committee members there to help answer any questions.
  3. Create promotional posters and fliers and hang and distribute them around your school to get nominations. You want to get as many nominations as possible so lots of promotions are needed.
  4. Tally the votes. Get together as a committee and count the votes. You can select as many nominees as you want for each of your court titles. The bigger the school, the bigger you may want your court to be.
  5. Announce the nominees to the student body, set up voting stands and promote voting. Make the announcement exciting and fun – not only will you generate interest in voting but it may help you sell more Prom tickets too.
  6. Buy your coronation supplies. Crowns, sashes and tiaras are a must but you may also want to include robes, scepters, buttons, pin, scepters, medallions and even fedoras for your princes. You can also get a tiara box for your queen – a great keepsake.
  7. Think of ways to make your coronation fun. This may mean purchasing royalty items that match your theme, getting light-up royalty items or having your royalty wear a unique accessory – like mustaches if you’re doing a ballroom theme or masks if you are doing a masquerade theme. Or it could be how you decorate the stage or area where the coronation will take place. Be creative in how you decorate this area, including using balloon arches and other wire structures to make your stage pop.
  8. Let your student body know it’s their final chance to vote. Set up voting booths next to your prom ticket booths. You should close the voting at least one week before Prom so you have time to count the votes and prepare for the ceremony. Keep in mind you may have a tie and might need to scramble to find more tiaras, crowns or sashes, so you may want to close voting two weeks prior to Prom.
  9. Plan your coronation ceremony including the timeline, a checklist of who is responsible for what and a speech for the MC to use when announcing your court and winners.
  10. Sit back and enjoy your hard work as your Prom court is crowned.

Five Quick and Easy Prom Fundraising Ideas

Not all fundraising efforts for Prom have to be huge, elaborate events involving a ton of work. Here are five quick and easy Prom fundraising ideas:

  1. 50/50 raffle – Sell tickets for this quick fundraiser during sporting events, lunches, concerts and plays at school. You can even go into the community and sell tickets as businesses and events too. When all tickets are sold, have a drawing. The winning ticket gets half the proceed and your Prom committee gets the other half. It’s a quick and easy way to make money.
  2. Guessing jar – Fill a few large glass jars full of candy and have people guess the # of how many candies are in the jar. Charge one dollar per guess. At the end of the week announce the winner for each jar. They keep the candy and you keep the money. The best part about this one is you can do it multiple times throughout the year.
  3. Chili cook-off – Host a chili cook-off at your school. Everyone who enters brings their own chili to share, attendees vote on their favorite and winners get a great prize. You provide the bowls and spoons and charge $5 at the door. Before you know it, you’ll be raking in a nice profit.
  4. School store – Have a special Prom fundraising sale at your school store. Pick your most popular items and offer them at a discounted rate for a limited time or do a buy one get one promotion. Get your Prom committee working hard to sell the items during peak times like lunch or special events.
  5. Sell Prom t-shirts – Once you have your Prom theme picked out, create custom t-shirts with your Prom theme on them in your theme colors. Buy the t-shirts low and sell them high. You can even ask local businesses to sponsor the t-shirts by putting their logo on them and then making a donation to your event.

4 Fun New Prom Themes

Having the right Prom theme is important since it will set the mood for your entire dance. Here are 5 fun new Prom themes.

  1. Zombie theme – Throw a party with the undead! Zombies are the biggest thing right now, and everyone will be able to really get into this theme. You could even make it a full Zombie Prom and ask volunteers, chaperones and even the students themselves to dress in character. Create Zombie-themed food and give out Zombie favors.
  2. Mustache theme – Give a formal ball a fun twist with a mustache, top hats and bowtie theme. The great thing about this one is you can make it a full formal event, but then you can give out mustaches as stickers or on sticks as favors. Not only are they great for during the dance and photos, but teens can take them home as favors. Dress your royalty court up for the event with top hats and bowties.
  3. Far East theme – Create an exotic experience with a Far East theme. Use red, black and gold colors and structures like pagodas or dragons in your theme. Hand out sunglasses as a favor – reminiscent of a certain, ultra-cool government agent. Decorate with paper lanterns and red and gold balloons.
  4. Superhero theme – Use an awesome superhero theme as a way to engage teens and create an unforgettable evening. Set up Superhero City complete with city backgrounds and full cardboard superhero props. Have volunteers and chaperones dress up as their favorite superhero. The students will love taking photos with these volunteers, especially their teachers. Hand out super-cool favors like masks or ear buds and encourage teens to dress up as their favorite superheroes too.

Do your research online to find out unique and interesting ideas for Prom themes. If you’re feeling really creative check out this post on literary Prom themes.

Planning your Prom Committees

To set your Prom up for success, make sure you have the right Prom committees set up. One big committee works for some schools, but dividing your Prom committee into these smaller committees may make it easier to get all the work done. Here is a list of Prom committees you may want to consider. Keep in mind that you don’t need them all, just choose the ones that are right for you. You may also be able to combine some of them.

Budget Committee
Responsible for: managing and monitoring the budget. This team should work closely with the rest of your committees to make sure you have enough funding for the event. They should work especially close with the Fundraising committee.

Fundraising Committee
Responsible for: creating and managing fundraisers throughout the school year to fund your Prom.

Venue Committee
Responsible for: finding possible venues and locations for your Prom. They should bring the final selections to the large group for the vote.

Volunteer/Staffing Committee
Responsible for: making sure there are volunteers, staff and chaperons for your entire Prom. They’ll need to organize shifts and get contact info for all volunteers.

Decorating Committee
Responsible for: coming up with possible Prom themes, which may include surveying students to get ideas, and then bringing the theme ideas to the large group for a vote. Once the theme is selected they’ll need to order the theme and decorations and they will be responsible for setting it up and taking it down. They’ll also need to choose decorations for the entire Prom including decorations for the grand march, tables, photography area, entrances, ceilings and walls.

Food Committee
Responsible for: choosing the food and beverages for the event including and ordering and organizing, they’ll need to work closely with the ticket committee to make sure they have a final RSVP count before placing the order. They should also create a plan with what to do with the leftover food and beverages at the end of the night.

Entertainment Committee
Responsible for: finding a DJ, band or other entertainment. Making sure there is a master of ceremonies and giving them a script of announcements to make, including announcing the royalty court. They’ll be responsible for the overall flow of the event and making sure the evening’s program is followed.

Publicity Committee
Responsible for: promoting the Prom, royalty voting and fundraising events. This could include creating posters or banners, running ads in the school paper, sending emails out or making announcements over the PA.

Favor/Prize Committee
Responsible for: getting favors for attendees, chaperones and volunteers. This may include soliciting big prize donations, choosing and ordering favors and writing thank you notes to volunteers.

Invitations/Tickets Committee
Responsible for: ordering invitations and tickets, setting up ticket sales booths, selling tickets and collecting RSVPs.

Royalty Committee
Responsible for: determining how and when voting will occurring, setting up voting booths, tallying votes, announcing the nominees, choosing the winners from the final tally and ordering royalty items like sashes, tiaras and crowns.

There are several resources on the web where you can find free Prom planning materials.