Five Quick and Easy Prom Fundraising Ideas

Not all fundraising efforts for Prom have to be huge, elaborate events involving a ton of work. Here are five quick and easy Prom fundraising ideas:

  1. 50/50 raffle – Sell tickets for this quick fundraiser during sporting events, lunches, concerts and plays at school. You can even go into the community and sell tickets as businesses and events too. When all tickets are sold, have a drawing. The winning ticket gets half the proceed and your Prom committee gets the other half. It’s a quick and easy way to make money.
  2. Guessing jar – Fill a few large glass jars full of candy and have people guess the # of how many candies are in the jar. Charge one dollar per guess. At the end of the week announce the winner for each jar. They keep the candy and you keep the money. The best part about this one is you can do it multiple times throughout the year.
  3. Chili cook-off – Host a chili cook-off at your school. Everyone who enters brings their own chili to share, attendees vote on their favorite and winners get a great prize. You provide the bowls and spoons and charge $5 at the door. Before you know it, you’ll be raking in a nice profit.
  4. School store – Have a special Prom fundraising sale at your school store. Pick your most popular items and offer them at a discounted rate for a limited time or do a buy one get one promotion. Get your Prom committee working hard to sell the items during peak times like lunch or special events.
  5. Sell Prom t-shirts – Once you have your Prom theme picked out, create custom t-shirts with your Prom theme on them in your theme colors. Buy the t-shirts low and sell them high. You can even ask local businesses to sponsor the t-shirts by putting their logo on them and then making a donation to your event.