4 Fun New Prom Themes

Having the right Prom theme is important since it will set the mood for your entire dance. Here are 5 fun new Prom themes.

  1. Zombie theme – Throw a party with the undead! Zombies are the biggest thing right now, and everyone will be able to really get into this theme. You could even make it a full Zombie Prom and ask volunteers, chaperones and even the students themselves to dress in character. Create Zombie-themed food and give out Zombie favors.
  2. Mustache theme – Give a formal ball a fun twist with a mustache, top hats and bowtie theme. The great thing about this one is you can make it a full formal event, but then you can give out mustaches as stickers or on sticks as favors. Not only are they great for during the dance and photos, but teens can take them home as favors. Dress your royalty court up for the event with top hats and bowties.
  3. Far East theme – Create an exotic experience with a Far East theme. Use red, black and gold colors and structures like pagodas or dragons in your theme. Hand out sunglasses as a favor – reminiscent of a certain, ultra-cool government agent. Decorate with paper lanterns and red and gold balloons.
  4. Superhero theme – Use an awesome superhero theme as a way to engage teens and create an unforgettable evening. Set up Superhero City complete with city backgrounds and full cardboard superhero props. Have volunteers and chaperones dress up as their favorite superhero. The students will love taking photos with these volunteers, especially their teachers. Hand out super-cool favors like masks or ear buds and encourage teens to dress up as their favorite superheroes too.

Do your research online to find out unique and interesting ideas for Prom themes. If you’re feeling really creative check out this post on literary Prom themes.