Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Prom Coronation

Coronation is one of the most exciting parts of Prom. Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning your Prom coronation.

  1. Form your committee – get a group of students and teachers to be part of your committee and responsible for planning coronation.
  2. Decide when, where and how nominations take place. Pick some places in your school that get a lot of traffic and set up boxes, paper and pens with your committee members there to help answer any questions.
  3. Create promotional posters and fliers and hang and distribute them around your school to get nominations. You want to get as many nominations as possible so lots of promotions are needed.
  4. Tally the votes. Get together as a committee and count the votes. You can select as many nominees as you want for each of your court titles. The bigger the school, the bigger you may want your court to be.
  5. Announce the nominees to the student body, set up voting stands and promote voting. Make the announcement exciting and fun – not only will you generate interest in voting but it may help you sell more Prom tickets too.
  6. Buy your coronation supplies. Crowns, sashes and tiaras are a must but you may also want to include robes, scepters, buttons, pin, scepters, medallions and even fedoras for your princes. You can also get a tiara box for your queen – a great keepsake.
  7. Think of ways to make your coronation fun. This may mean purchasing royalty items that match your theme, getting light-up royalty items or having your royalty wear a unique accessory – like mustaches if you’re doing a ballroom theme or masks if you are doing a masquerade theme. Or it could be how you decorate the stage or area where the coronation will take place. Be creative in how you decorate this area, including using balloon arches and other wire structures to make your stage pop.
  8. Let your student body know it’s their final chance to vote. Set up voting booths next to your prom ticket booths. You should close the voting at least one week before Prom so you have time to count the votes and prepare for the ceremony. Keep in mind you may have a tie and might need to scramble to find more tiaras, crowns or sashes, so you may want to close voting two weeks prior to Prom.
  9. Plan your coronation ceremony including the timeline, a checklist of who is responsible for what and a speech for the MC to use when announcing your court and winners.
  10. Sit back and enjoy your hard work as your Prom court is crowned.